Monday, 5 June 2017

Year 3 Learning Challenge - Summer 2

Significant Person

CS Lewis












WW2 Propaganda poster


The Evacuee – Arthur E. King (abridged)
Can I come home now?
Can I come home now?
Can I come home now mum?
Can I come home now?
I went to the school house
A change of clothes in a sack.
We then walked to the station
But we didn't come back.
We got on to a train
It headed due south.
We got off the train
At a little town called Louth.
The war it won't last long
You'll soom be back home.
But it seems like for ever
I must be brave and not moan.
They say I am safer here
Than where I've left behind
And the people looking after me
Are warm, good and kind.
I used to play with my brother,
We had such good fun,
But he went to Ilkley
and I'm here all alone.
Last night we had an air-raid.
I was frightend and alone.
When will it all end mum?
When can I come home?
Yes you can come home,
Yes you can come home.
You can come home now son.
You can come home now.

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