Monday, 19 June 2017

Year 4 netball match

This afternoon, in the boiling heat, year 4 had a netball match against Parsonage Primary School. The children were absolutely incredible and showed some outstanding talents, making me a very proud teacher. Although they haven't trained for very long (some of them only half a term) they walked on to the court with their heads held high, willing to take on the challenge.

After some tough battling, some great interceptions and extrordinary team work, the children ended up drawing 2-2, which is a huge achievement, especially for their first ever game together!

Parsonage also selected the wonderful Caydon Buckland as their player of the match, although everyone went out there, tried their hardest and performed well.

A big apology to those children who did not get a game today, but keep working hard and  there will be another chance for you to showcase your talents!

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