Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Measure of Our Learning...

This week, Birch class have been measuring... EVERYTHING! With a list of items to measure in metres, millimetres, and centimetres, the students armed themselves with a range of rulers.

 After measuring the goal posts, the bins, the hall door, a post-it note, a Harry Potter book, the netball court, and a 1 penny coin on Tuesday, they began to measure themselves on Wednesday.
Birch class gave each other estimates of their heights and then were measured accurately. In this photo, Jorja can be seen helping Evie measure her height - excellent reciprocity Jorja!

We will be continuing measurement next week!

FOR 10 HOUSE POINTS: What would be a sensible estimate for the size of the cinema screen we saw today?
a) 20 mm
b) 20 m
c) 20 mm
d) 2km

Leave your answers in the comment below!

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