Friday, 24 November 2017

Birch Class Get to Grips with Hibernation

This week, Birch Class sought out the differences between migration and hibernation, and then, using their awareness of reciprocity, created an environment which was suitable for a hibernating bear!

Working in pairs, the students chose their own ways of insulating their boxes using cotton wool, Styrofoam pellets and shredded paper. Harry noted that cotton wool was the best for keeping in warmth.

We made a lot of good mess and aimed to keep our boxes warm, quiet, and dark. Deborah identified that it was difficult to make the boxes completely dark since air holes and an entrance was needed for our bear.

Nevertheless, Birch class made some excellent hibernation boxes and were very proud to show them off. Sofia's even had a 'welcome' sign!

Good job Birch Class! Have a relaxing weekend and remember to fit in some reading :)

Mr Nicol and Mrs Spence

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