Friday, 17 November 2017

Birch Strike a Pose for Perimeter

This morning, Birch Class took perimeter to a whole new level. Instead of measuring diagrams inside, we measured the perimeter of... each other! Working in centimetres and metres, Birch Class started off by finding the perimeter of their shoes (which was roughly around 50 or 60 cm according to Jaydon and Sydney), then moved on to all sorts of poses on the floor!

With only a 30 cm ruler to help them, lots of different measurements needed to be added in column method at the end.
'It was hard to measure around the head of someone because our ruler was straight and people's heads are curved,' observed Jorja.

By the time we had finished, the playground looked like some kind of maths crime scene!

With a sound knowledge of perimeter now demonstrated, we will work on compound shapes and area next week. This was a great finish to a great week for Birch Class.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to fit in some reading!

Mr Nicol and Mrs Spence

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