Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Evolution and Adaptation -Dogs Trust


We have had such an exciting afternoon in Ash class! Today, we were joined by Maria from the Dogs Trust to teach us all about how dogs have evolved and adapted from wolves.

Maria commented on how well behaved Ash class were and what fantastic listening skills they demonstrated.

There are not any photos of the wolf that dogs evolved from as it was over 130,000 years ago. The closest wolf to the one that dogs have evolved from, that we have access to images of, is the Gray wolf.

Did you know?
The DNA match of a Yorkshire Terrier and a German Shepherd to a Gray Wolf are both 95.5% !

We learnt the importance of being responsible when looking after a dog and played a hilarious game of charades.

Evie acted out fleas and worming tablets.

 Ethan acted out feeding your dog

We also were introduced to some dogs that have not had the happiest life so far.

This is Splash - Splash is a 3 month old puppy and he was abandoned at the side of a road. Unfortunately, Splash does not have any fur and his skin is scabby and sore due to an infestation of fleas, that had not been treated.

The Dogs Trust have helped Splash and re-homed him! :)

This is Womble - Womble was left in a bin, his fur was so dirty that it had grown across his eyes and given him a severe eye infection. Unfortunately, Womble was not brushed 3/4 times a week and his fur had become incredibly matted.

The Dogs Trust have helped Womble and re-homed him! :)

This is Cassie- Cassie was taken to the Dogs Trust at 6 years old. She had never eaten dog food. Unfortunately, her previous owner had always fed her human food and she had not been taken for a walk for 6 years. 

The Dogs Trust have helped Cassie and re-homed her! She now weighs 3kg instead of 9kg! :)

We all got a certificate at the end of the Dogs Trust workshop to show that we now have an understanding of how to stay safe and be responsible around dogs.

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