Friday, 10 November 2017

Measuring madness- Ash class

Today in Maths we all took part in an investigation.

Miss Daly asked us:

The total length of all of someone’s fingers is the same as the length of one of their arms.
Is this true? How can you find out?

As a class we decided that we should use our measuring skills. 

First of all, we measured each of our fingers in partners.

Next we added together the length of each finger. Throughout the task we supported each other and showed reciprocity.

Finally, we measure our arms and then compared this measurement to our total length of fingers.

As a class we found that this investigation was false. 
Nobody in the class had the same total length of fingers as the length of their arm.

Ash class all showed resilience and persevered when they found the investigation challenging!
Keep up the great work :)

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