Tuesday, 18 May 2021

A Terrific Tuesday in Year 4!

Wow, what an amazing day we have had in Year 4! We started off with some outstanding writing, where the children thought carefully about their word choices and the effect on the reader, we then challenged their mathematical brains with some work on fractions and the children rounded their learning off for the day as superb scientists. 

The rest of the afternoon was where it became really exciting for the children. They were finally able to try out the brand new playground equipment for the first time and they could not contain their excitement!

"I am so excited; I think I might burst", Archie, Birch.

"The monkey bars are really fun. You need to use all the strength you have", Indianna, Birch. 

"It's like a huge playground park. We are having so much fun", Ella, Larch. 

                            "I love doing front and back flips. It is so much fun", Jessica, Larch.  

"Look at me Miss Islam, it is quite wobbly but Jason and I are working as a team", Gurrehmat, Ash. 

"This is so much fun. I wish the climbing frame was taller, I could climb on this for ages", Abdulmalik, Ash. 

Well done to all the children in Year 4 for remembering their Broadford jobs, showing reciprocity on the new equipment and enjoying their day. 

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