Monday, 17 May 2021

Challenging Coordinates in Year 4!

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed developing their map skills this year in geography. They have explored a range of different types of maps and looked at reading and plotting coordinates.


In order to support their learning, they all had so much fun playing their coordinate challenge game - where they each used a dice to roll their coordinates and plot them on a grid. The first one in the pair to plot four vertices of a square won the game. It was brilliant to see all of the children's friendly, competitive spirits!

"I love this game so much!" David, Birch

"I love playing this game, especially because I can play it with my partner" Ruby W, Birch

It was wonderful to see the children working effectively together; showing a perfect balance of resilience and reciprocity.

"The first dice rolled told me the x coordinate (along the corridor) and the second dice rolled told me the y coordinate (up the stairs!)" Layla-Rose, Ash

"This game is so crazy, I love it," Tavia, Larch.

Keep up the outstanding work, year 4! 

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