Thursday, 6 May 2021

Role-playing Bradley and Carla's First Meeting in Year Four!

This week, we practised being Bradley and Carla, the two main characters in our book. We used our finest acting skills to play concerned Carla and boisterous Bradley. Our students reenacted the moment where they first meet in Carla’s office. There were lots of scribbles and lies, as Bradley tries to discern his feelings for the new school counsellor.

"I think Bradley is scared to talk about his feelings with Carla," Keira, Ash.

"Bradley doesn't understand why Carla believes his lies or why she would say she would like to taste dog food," Adrian M., Larch. 

"Carla really wants Bradley to trust her and talk to her," Mia, Birch. 

We cannot wait to find out more when we return to school!


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