Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Year 4 'Eggseptional Eggsperiment'

Year 4 have been truly impressing their teachers this term with their great scientific knowledge, inquiry and observation skills. Recently, we have been exploring forces further, observing and investigating how forces work in pairs and act upon an object. 

We used an egg and flask to demonstrate how air pressure acts upon the egg to push it into the flask. As air pressure inside the flask became less than the pressure outside (due to the matches) the higher pressure outside of the flask seeks to equalise - thus pushed the egg into the flask!

We were then able to get the egg out, unbroken, by placing water inside the flask and boiling it with a Bunsen burner. As the temperature rose, the air molecules inside the flask received lots of energy and started to move with greater speed which put more force onto the egg inside the flask compared to outside of the flask... and so, because the forces are imbalanced the egg was 'forced' out. 

After the demo, the children wrote up their findings and drew a diagram of the experiment. 

Self-led Scientists! 
In their self-led time, the children have also continued to develop and explore their previous learning from prior lessons. Ruben ,Harry and Zac were very keen to test their different questions regarding the water in cup demo they had seen.

I tested to see if the amount of in the class made a difference Ruben 

I tried shaking it to see if the gravity then pushed pass the air pressure  Harry

I just still think it's so weird that the air holds the water in even though its upside down! Zac

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