Thursday, 12 November 2020

Broadford's Roman Museum (Year 4)

This week, year 4 have learnt about Primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are physical objects artefacts that are from the times of an even that is being studied. A secondary source is a type of evidence that is made after the event that is being studied. For example, Roman armour in a museum is a primary source as it is from the times of the romans. However a secondary source is a fact book about ancient Rome which is written by an author after the times of the romans. 

In order to develop the understanding of different sources year 4 attended a museum which was filled with Roman and Greek sources. children looked at each source and decided whether it was primary or secondary and came up with reasons why. 

Below you will find out what some of our 'Young Historians' have said during their visit to the museum. 

"An author is a person who writes stories but a historian is a person who discovers events from the past" Ruby, Birch.

"Primary sources are so cool. Its like discovering treasure from the past" Archie, Birch.

Well done year 4 and keep discovering fantastic things about the past!

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