Friday, 15 January 2021

Year 3 Expectations for Home Learning

Following feedback from our online form we wanted to make sure we got back to a couple of queries parents had raised.

What are the expectations for my child in completing their work?

We are now making sure that our tasks have guidance on how long you should give your child to complete the task. Your child should by no means be spending hours on one task. Normally at school we give children, on average, 30 minutes to complete a given task. If you are able to provide them with a timer they should attempt to complete as much as possible within that time frame. Work that is incomplete is absolutely fine as we would like them to try to work hard in that time frame. This is most important as when we do return to school we want children to be used to working hard in a certain time frame.

My child needs me to sit with them throughout the tasks.

Unless it has been indicated to you on parents evening, there is no reason why your child cannot do the tasks independently and then have you check over it before they turn it in. Your child will most likely get on with the task if they are left to try it out themselves. 

If you are not sure whether your child should be able to do their task independently then please do contact us on

Your child should know themselves whether they usually complete the challenge questions in class and these are only optional. 

We will be offering small group work with individual children who may not be able to access the work online, your child will be contacted on the Google Classroom if this is them.

What is a suggested timetable for the day? 

We do post a weekly timetable along with a Google Meets timetable each week and your day should follow the normal school day as much as possible. Each day we will be posting Maths, English & Foundation tasks for your child to complete. We completely understand if the Foundation subjects are not your top priority but we do expect Maths and English to be turned in everyday.

Any other tasks will be there for your child to complete when they are able.  

Please can you record the Google Meets?

We are looking into our policies with regards to recording meetings with all children in, however from next week we will be recording key explanations for your child to use and replay.

Will you be hosting live lessons for Foundation subjects?

From next week we will be including Google Meets for some more foundation subjects such as Geography & Science. We are however aware that some parents may feel this is a lot to pack in and do not expect all children to be attending these lessons and completing the work in the same day. 

Look out for a quiz as well this week!

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