Thursday, 29 April 2021

Captivating Coordinates in Year 4!

 This week in Geography we have been learning about coordinates; how to read them, how to find them on a map, and what they're used for. 

We learnt that in order to find the coordinate (2, 3), the children need to count across the X-axis ('go along the corridor'), and then up the Y-axis ('up the stairs'). 

We looked at the school map, and travelled across the school to find certain locations. 

"Geography was so much fun; the treasure hunt with the coordinates was so exciting." - Louie, Ash

"You have to go along the corridors (the x axis) and up the stairs (the y axis)." - Lukas, Birch

"This is so much fun! It's so interesting seeing the school all mapped out." - Tavia, Larch

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