Thursday, 24 January 2019

Ash Super Spellers!

Well done to these fabulous children who reached the finish line in our class spelling race for term 1. 

Polina, Amandeep, James, Ruben, Alice, Zac, Kiera, Sabeer, Naz and Summer are the reigning spelling champs!

They have brought their spellings into school every week and have also had numerous weeks of getting full marks in their Friday test.

They have been taken to Mrs Nicholls to tell her how fabulous they are and have been treated to some extra play time as a reward for being so dedicated to their homework. This is on top of their merits earned each time they get 21/21.

Keep it up children!

The spelling race started again last week for the spring term so the children have a chance of reaching the top for a second time! 

Those children that didn't quite manage it last term, now have the chance to climb up and win. It's simple, practise your spellings each night and bring them in each week!

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