Friday, 25 January 2019

Fire, Friction, and Feet! Double Science for Year 3

This week, year 3's two science lessons were all about FORCES!

Firstly, Hazel and Sequoia were treated to a demonstration which included lot an egg, a conical flask, and a lot of fire. Using air pressure, Mr Nicol and Miss Metters managed to trap the egg inside the flask. The trouble was then how to get the egg back out! With the help of a Bunsen burner, the air inside the glass was heated, and luckily, the egg popped out...

On Wednesday, the students were investigating friction on different surfaces using Newton meters! Working in groups, the children had to decide who was reading the results, who was pulling the Newton meter, and who was checking for accuracy. The floor, the tables, the playground, our ramp, the trail, and the carpet in Hazel were all tested...

As it has been icy that morning, Jersey observed that out result may have been affected by the weather. Awesome observation, Jersey!

This was a great practical session that got the classes out and working together. Good job year 3!

Have a good weekend and get those reading records signed for Monday!

Ms Taylor, Mr Nicol, Mrs Marchant, and Ms Bradley :)

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