Friday, 25 January 2019

Stomp the School

Students are having a blast of a time in Broadford Univerity's Stomp the School! We have been learning about the different sounds we can make with our bodies and working hard to make music! Students have realised that reciprocity is the key to success so that they are in rhythm with each other and keeping the beat. We are having such fun making sounds and music on Friday's and improving our super awesome body percussion skills, Miss Hamlin is extremely impressed!

"I just had to keep practising, and then I got it!" - Daisy

"My favourite part is when we all go STOMP STOMP CLAP!" - Adam

"It's important to keep count" - Callum

“I’m happy because I can click now!” - Zac

“I found it difficult to stomp and move at the same time, but got there in the end” - Finley

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