Thursday, 10 January 2019

Year 4's 'Vine Of Knowledge'

This term in year 4 our topic is all about Rainforests. This week we have done a pre-unit assessment by mapping out what students already know about rainforests and creating a 'Vine of Knowledge'. We will be able to see if this information is correct as we learn more. Watch this space as we continue to add to our vine and watch it grow!

"I know that there are rainforests in South America" - Joshua

"There are lots of spiders and bugs" - Olivia

"I think that rainforests are cold because there's not much light" - Jessica

"Orangutans and monkeys live in rainforests" - Sajida

"Most of the animals are poisonous" - Joe

"There aren't as many rainforests anymore" - Tristan

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