Friday, 11 January 2019

Hazel Hit 2019 Running!

This week, Hazel have been getting back into the swing of things in year 3. In numeracy, the students used their place value knowledge and reciprocity skills to create games with dice and counters and number cards. Take a look at some of the excellent pair work!

Starting a new unit on science-fiction in literacy meant that there was much to read this week! A Tale of Two Robots featured the voices of Shauna, Adefolawemi, Tyler, Sophie, and Oliver. Grace even noticed that our class book last term, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, contained elements of science-fiction such as the floating glass elevator!

Overall, this was an excellent week back for Hazel. If parents have any questions about our class work, rockstar and spellings scores, or anything else, please come and speak to us at the end of day next week. Also, P.E. is now on Thursdays, rather than Monday.

Have a good weekend and get those reading records signed!

Mr Nicol and Mrs Marchant :)

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