Monday, 14 January 2019

Furious Forces in Year 4 Science

Year 4 had an explosive science lesson this week learning all about forces. They learned that forces work in opposite pairs, and were able to see this in action during two experiments. First students saw how water can defy gravity with just a cup and a plastic square. Many students thought Miss Hamlin and Miss Estall were performing magic, but no! - it's all Science! Then in pairs, students showed their reciprocity and resourcefulness by investigated fizzing rocket poppers. Each pair had their turn and counted how long it would take for the vitamin C tablet to explode out of the canister of water.

"The longest was 47 seconds and the shortest was 23 seconds" - John.

"Wooahh! I can't believe the air pressure could hold in the water like that!" - Lewis 

Students were then able to discuss what variables might make the canisters explode at different times, and how we could adapt the experiment. Ask your child which forces were acting against each other in these experiments, and which one was more powerful!

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