Sunday, 27 January 2019

Year 4 Writing Stay & Learn

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Stay & Learn on Thursday - the children had a great time and are always excited to have you in class learning together. We continue to be pleased with the amount of dedication and support you provide by attending these sessions. 

First, the children showed off their neatest handwriting to their adults. Then, after a talk about the Year 4 National curriculum expectations, the children were able to showcase their creative writing skills. They worked together to up-level a boring sentence into a detailed yet disgusting description of the 'bogey tree'. 

After, they showed their adults how they use show not tell in their writing to make their writing more imaginative. 

Key points to remember from the session

- Encourage children to say their sentence before writing it.

- Children shouldn't be embarrassed to use Fred! They should still be sounding out their words to spell successfully.

- Quality writing takes time.

- Children need to proof read their work.

- Grammatical errors in speech should be corrected as children get older - this will then transfer into their writing.

- Handwriting is important to ensure children meet age related expectations. 

- Editing and evaluation is key to becoming a successful writer.

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