Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Chromebook Crew!

The Chromebook Crew are very much up and running with their new G-Suite accounts. They have already truly impressed their course tutor, Miss Estall, by managing various tricks and shortcuts after just two sessions! This week they created their own data and inserted bar and pie charts to then analyse it. 

Oh wow! How did it do that so quickly! Its like magic! Alfie

They are now thinking about what they would like their presentations to be about...

Watch this space!

Arya was very chuffed with his data and learned how to change all of the colours.

Chris went for the pie chart!

Lucian figured out how to make his bars 3D!

"That looks much better" he stated. 

Emily found it tricky to pick the colours she liked the most!
"I like them all! There's loads of different shades too." she explained. 

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