Friday, 14 May 2021

Investigating Insulators and Creating Conductors in Year Four!

This week in Year Four, we used our investigation and experimenting skills to discover more about what can carry an electric current in a circuit. The teachers were not helping and the students were allowed to explore the classroom for bits and bobs to create their own functioning circuits; without any wires! 

Luckily for the year four teachers, our students are super scientists and demonstrated to us how metal objects are the best conductors of electricity and created working, complete circuits to prove it. Who needs wires when we have such wonderful inventors?

                                "We made ours work by making it all metal, not just the ends," Adrian, Larch.

"Now I know that metals are conductors! I always knew not to put my wet hands near a plug socket, but since there are metal traces in water I know why I shouldn't do it!" - Iyinope, Ash

"It's cool that we can use different things to make the circuits work, not just the electrical pieces," Lukas, Birch.

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