Thursday, 16 September 2021

Year 4 - Science - Digestion Experiment! 16/9/21

 Year 4 had so much fun this week studying digestion in Science. After learning about the stages of digestion, the children were able to show the process using household objects. 

The children used a spoon/knife (acting as teeth in the mouth) to mash the bananas and biscuits together. They added water (saliva) to break the food down further. 

'The saliva is making the food go even more mushy. It is breaking it down into really small pieces' said Maya. 

After mashing their food, the food then travelling through the esophagus (paper/plastic tube) into the stomach.
'The muscles have to contact in the esophagus for the food to travel down it' - Autumn

The food then goes into the stomach which has lots of acid (tango orange) which helps to break the food down further. The food then enters the small and large intestine (black tights). 

'All of the liquid is leaving the tights, just like the large intestine!' - Christian

After the liquid and nutrients was extracted from the intestines (tights), they were emptied into the rectum and pushed out through the anus (paper cup). 

'This was sooo fun!' - Nathaniel

It is safe to say we had lots of cleaning up to do after this experiment but it was most definitely worth it! We were so proud with how mature and well behaved the children were during this. We can't wait for the many more experiments to come!

Year 4 Team

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