Thursday, 6 January 2022

Year 3's Terrific Toolboxes!


Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, the Zones of Regulation is a framework that uses four colors–blue, green, yellow, and red–to help students identify their feelings and level of alertness.

Year 3 had a fabulous time yesterday afternoon,  discussing their emotions and coming up with strategies to deal with them effectively.

Each child was given their own toolbox before working through the zones and deciding which tools to put in to enable them to regulate themselves when dealing with different feelings and emotions. The children used their reflectiveness skills to identify key ideas and discuss their learning.

I can take deep breaths when I am in the red zone - Billie

I use strategies such as talking to someone I trust or doing some meditation to help me feel better - Darci

No zone is a bad zone - Aida

The zones of regulation help me identify how I feel - Zuriel

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