Friday, 6 May 2022

Year 3's Exciting Eid Celebrations!

This week, year 3 have celebrated Eid by learning all about Ramadan in their RE lesson. They became little reporters and used their resourcefulness skills to think of questions they could ask about the Muslim faith and their journey of Ramadan.  

Today, Broadford celebrated Eid by dressing in colourful clothes and enjoyed some fun filled activities. Year 3 spent their time drawing and colouring beautiful henna designs. 

    The children really enjoyed wearing colourful clothes today to celebrate Eid and they were amazed at the celebrations Muslims enjoy during Eid. 

'Look at all of the bright colours!' - Chisom

'I enjoyed drawing different designs to create my own henna!' - Kenzie

'The henna designs are really nice and a creative way to celebrate Eid!' - Ryan

'It has been fun learning about Eid and seeing my friends dressed in bright clothes.' - Lily-Anne

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