Friday, 25 November 2016

Decimal equivalent SNAP!

Decimal equivalent SNAP!... What is that?
This week in maths, Willow set have strived to convert fractions into decimal equivalents and vice versa. At first, this appeared quite a difficult topic to tackle. However, after plenty of whiteboard practice and using our place value charts, the children were quick to convert. Some children even converted decimals back into fractions and some went even further, taking on the menacing mixed fractions.

Today, we have applied our learning in a game of decimal equivalent snap. The same rules applied as traditional SNAP, but the children challenged each other to discover and SNAP fractions (including mixed numbers) to the corresponding decimal equivalents! 

It's the best game ever. I am literally shaking with excitement. Isabelle Munford

This game helps to learn more about equivalent fractions. Samanyu Handoo

This game is fun and intense but it helps you with learning. Ranita Ariyibi 

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