Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Shape hunting in Year 3

Year 3 had lots of fun practising their video recording skills on their iPads. They took it in turns filming their partners and watching the video back to analyse their recording. The activity involved the children finding different 2D and 3D shapes in objects outdoors. They then had to explain why they thought the object was that specific shape.

"These pebbles are ellipsoids as they are more oval in shape. If they were spheres they would be completely round" - Sofia.

"This log is shaped like a cylinder. I know it's a cylinder because it can roll and has 2 circle faces" - Esther.

"This sign is a cuboid because it's has rectangular faces" - Summer Rose.

"This tyre is circular and has a circle shape on the inside" - Grace.

Well done Year 3! Your recordings were great and you could all give very clear explanations as to why the objects you found were that shape!

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