Thursday, 3 November 2016

Year 3 Get Dramatic!

The children in Year 3 showed off their dramatic skills today in Literacy as they acted out the play they have been studying, " A Tune of Lies". They were working towards one of their Literacy goals which was to explore how the characters develop throughout the play.  What better way to explore the characters, than to pretend to be them!

"I made sure to use the stage directions to help me act out the role properly." Tyler, Hazel.

"It was really fun to act out the play, I feel like I understand how embarrassed Lucy felt when Fib lied for her". Ethan, Sequoia.

Feel free to ask any of the Year 3 children who their favourite character is and why. If you're lucky, they might feel confident to act out a bit of the play for you!

Super work today Year 3! I look forward to your final performances when you will be acting out a scene you have written.

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