Friday, 11 November 2016

Year 3's Healthy Eating Workshop

This week, Year 3 were lucky enough to be visited by Warburtons to learn all about what healthy eating looks like. They first looked at what a healthy plate might look like, making sure that every meal is balanced with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy and fatty products.

The children were then lucky enough to make their own healthy sandwich! Before they could do anything they had to think about making sure the sandwich making environment was hygienic. They all washed their hands thoroughly and wore special nets to keep their hair away from the food. They, of course, found it absolutely hilarious when the teachers had to wear one too.

Once they had considered the importance of hygiene, the children could begin making their sandwiches using lots of different ingredients to fill them. It was very important for the children to try something new and they all did really well to include lots of healthy food!

'I put peppers in my sandwich even though I wasn't sure if I liked them. I'm looking forward to tasting them' - Charlie R, Sequoia.

'Buttering the bread was a bit tricky at first but when it got softer it was easy and I enjoyed it' - Megan, Sequoia.

'I loved choosing all the healthy food to put in my sandwich. I couldn't wait to eat it!' - Grace, Hazel.

'I liked wearing the hair nets because they made us look like real chefs' - Tyler, Hazel.

The Year 3s are now experts in making healthy food, with a certificate to prove it. I'm sure that they would love to help make their packed lunch, especially now that they are qualified to do so!

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