Monday, 7 November 2016

Year 3's WOW day!

To introduce Year 3's topic 'Who first lived in Britain?' the children were lucky enough to experience a WOW day where they travelled back in time to see how it might have felt to live as early man did in the Stone Age.

They faced the wild outdoors and foraged and hunted for their food.

They worked hard to use cave art to tell stories about their life and decorate their otherwise cold, unwelcoming homes.

They even positioned themselves whilst painting in ways they might if they were actually in a cave!

The children's creative skills didn't stop there! They were also able to make genuine Stone Age bracelets!

"I loved the tooth I made using clay for my bracelet!" Grace, Hazel.

"It was so cool that we painted under the tables like we were in an actual cave, it was pretty hard though!" Fayo, Sequoia.

"I loved pretending to be a caveman, hunting wild animals using a wooden spear!" Alfie, Sequoia 

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