Sunday, 24 February 2019

Year 4 Art - Piet Mondrain

This term the children in Year 4 have been studying the art of Piet Mondrain. First, they used their chromebooks to carry out research  about the artist, becoming familiar with the work that he created.

Year 4 are now aware that Mondrain only used primary colours which are: red, yellow and blue.

"Mondrain also used plenty of white within his work, separated by black straight lines." Jessica

Within their sketch books the children have managed to produce their own Modrain art work, making sure that they consider key words such as composition and placement. Using crayons and pieces of back paper they created their own masterpiece!

Both Year 4 classes have now begun to transfer their design on to their very own white t-shirt, which they will be able to wear in art until they leave school. All children will have the chance to use paint and felt tips in the forthcoming lessons. They are very excited by this as they will be the first year group that have one! This means that Year 4 have the chance to get messy without ruining their uniform!

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