Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Year 4 Rockstar Timetable Progress

The children in Year 4 have been thrashing through their times tables recently. They are all working on improving their heatmaps and rock speed with the hope to earn themselves rock star status!

Naz & Ruben - Rock Legends!
James & Amandeep - Rock Stars!

Using the online rock star platform, the children are able to analyse their data to see what they are doing well and identify next steps. Each child has their own graph and heatmap which shows their progress throughout the year. The children know that their line should be on a steady incline to indicate improvements.

Some children reflected on their efforts and realised that they need to always try their best due to a fluctuating line...
"Mine goes up and down a bit -I need to make sure it doesn't go down again"

Maisy was pleased to see her line climbing higher as she becomes more confident in her timetables.

Below is our class heatmap from September. The colours reflect the speed and accuracy in which the children are answering question. The greener they are, the better! 

Below is our current heatmap... As you can see, it is populating with green and the darkest red spots are beginning to fade! 

Our mission is to get the whole heatmap green by the end of Year 4! 

Keep going children! You are doing brilliantly! 

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