Thursday, 12 September 2019

Year 4 excavate organic “remains”

The year 4’s became archaeologists this week in topic as they dissected organic remains to uncover their unit. In pairs, children had to find and separate the evidence in their remains, then record their findings. They then used the clue cards to determine whether they belonged to a Roman, a Viking or a Tudor. Some of the evidence included olive seeds, melon seeds, bread grains, stones and some even had intestinal worms to indicate they may have been unhealthy! Miss Hamlin was extremely impressed with their reciprocity skills as they worked together to discover, record and analyse their findings! 

Can your child remember what society we are learning about? Comment their answer!

“It’s all lumpy and cracked” Israel and Jiada

“We found stones, so it could be a Roman or Viking”  Lucas and Grace

“Studying remains can tell us what their diet was like” Harry

“We found olive stones which was a big clue! Tilly

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