Monday, 29 March 2021

Spectacular Sporting in the Sunshine - Year 4

Year 4 have had such a brilliant afternoon in the sunshine developing their athletic skills. The children participated enthusiastically in a range of activities to improve their agility and cardiovascular fitness.

We were also so impressed with the excellent coordination that was shown when the children practised their ball work; they were able to work confidently with their teammates to demonstrate superb throwing and catching. 

"I feel like I'm getting better at the trail run!" - Lukas, Birch

"Parkour was so much fun, I learnt how to sequence my movements." - Nicole, Larch

"Spinning the American football today was tricky but I managed to get it in the end!" - Iyinope, Ash

It was wonderful to see the children work so well together, demonstrating equal measures of reciprocity and a healthy sense of competition.

Keep up the amazing work, year 4!

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