Sunday, 28 March 2021

Year Four Certificates - 26.03.2021



What a wonderful end to another wonderful week in Year Four.   

Don't forget to wear your PE gear on Monday Year Four! 

Let's offer our congratulations to the certificate winners this week.  

E for Excellence
These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Ella, Livi and David

Star Writer
The children have shown brilliant writing skills across different curriculum subjects. This week, children have described the features and expressions required for an actor to play the deceitful but foolish Mr. Lo!

Congratulations to: Adrian, Harvy and Ellie

The 4Rs 
We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 

Congratulations to: Riley, Keira and Kayden

Congratulations to:  Victoria, Sophia, Thabang

Personal Growth: Jason

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