Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Totally Awesome Acting in Year 4!

This week, the children have been exploring their new text, Bad Guys, further and have had such fun acting out chapter three of the comic book titled: Mission, Like Totally Impossible.

"You could tell that Shark was feeling nervous because the writing was written in a wobbly way, as though he was shaking with fear", Iniya, Birch. 

They have enjoyed exploring the characters further and their hilarious traits - they're good guys really; they just have a bad reputation!

We looked at the features of comic books together and discussed the use of creative pictures and fonts to express how the characters are feeling.

"It was so much fun acting out the characters; especially when we all shouted out LOCO and made our craziest faces!" Shajia, Larch

"I like how the writer uses onomatopoeia for effect - this where the word sounds like what it is describing. For example: crash! bang! and tap tap tap." Ife, Ash

We ended today's lesson in deep thought. We asked the children: is it ethical to do something illegal if it is for good reasons? We had some great discussion and there was definitely a divide in opinion! We have asked the children to go home and pose the question to their families - it will be interesting to see what everyone at home thinks as well!

As always, outstanding work, year 4!

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