Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Science in Sequoia class - Sweets: Acidic, Alkaline or Neutral?

This week Sequoia class demonstrated fabulous scientific and investigative skills as they sought to find the answer to the question - Are sweets acidic, alkaline or neutral?

They dissolved a sour sweet in water and then used Universal Indicator Paper to determine where it sat on the pH scale. However, as true scientists, before they started their experiment they made some superb predictions, which they were able to justify accordingly.

"I predict that the sweets will be neutral. I think that their pH will be 7 and the Universal Indicator Paper will turn green. I think this because I know that water is neutral and that it is safe for you to drink. So, because sweets are safe to eat, they must also be neutral." Kiera, Sequoia

"I predict that sweets will be acidic. I think that their pH will be 4 and the Universal Indicator Paper will turn red. I think this because these sweets are sour and sour things are normally acidic, for example lemon juice." Sajida, Sequoia.

"We found that the sweets were actually acidic. The Universal Indicator Paper turned orange so their pH was about 5!" Ruben, Sequoia.

Some super scientific work, Year 3! Which other foods could you test the pH of?

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