Thursday, 14 June 2018

Year 3 at The Museum of Childhood

Wow! Year 3 have had such a fabulous day at The Museum of Childhood today. They had the opportunity to explore a range of toys from the past and toys that are still popular today. Even the adults had a great time reminiscing over their childhood!

We started by exploring the museum and riding on the rocking horses.

"It was so much fun when we got to ride on the rocking horses and a little bit scary!" Kiera, Sequoia

After the children had explored some of the museum, they enjoyed a workshop where they learnt all about toys from the past and even got to play with some!

"I loved the Victorian's version of a fidget spinner, I think it's even better than modern ones!" James, Sequoia.

The children were then given the opportunity to make their own toy. Some made dolls, others made superheros, and some even made butterflies!

"It was really fun when I made my crocodile, I can open its snapping mouth when I play with it!" Joshua, Hazel.

After they had made their toys, they were given another chance to explore the museum where they: had an imaginary tea party (in which Mrs Claxton was treated to a delicious hot chocolate), played with beautiful doll houses, built towers with lego and played in the sensory area.

We had such a brilliant day and we were so impressed with how Year 3 represented Broadford! Great job!

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