Friday, 23 October 2020

Celebrating Black History Month in Year 4

Year 4 contributed to the whole school project of Black History Month, with each class studying a different historical figure. Birch class learned more about Rosa Parks, Ash class creatively represented the story of Matthew Henson through a collective mosaic, and Larch class enjoyed the wonderful music of Louis Armstrong and created our own pictures of Wonderful Worlds.

Rosa Parks was a social activist who ignited the civil rights movement in America. She stood up for equality and fought for Black people's rights. 

Louis Armstrong is a famous musician, known best for his iconic "What a Wonderful World" and the rise to popularity of his jazz music and trumpeting. He is acclaimed for his "scatting" technique and his appreciation of the little things in life, despite a difficult life. 

Matthew Henson was the first man to reach the North Pole in 1909. However, he was not recognised for his achievements when he returned to America because of the colour of his skin. He was later recognised 100 years later. 

"Rosa Park's was very brave to stand up for herself. I think she did the right thing by sitting on the bus and saying no when she was told to move." Kezia, Birch.

"People need to treat each other equally. We should live in a fair world." Lukas, Birch. 

"It's horrible that these people weren't recognised when they did amazing things. I'm glad we can remember them now," Nicole, Larch. 

"Louis Armstrong's song (What a Wonderful World) is about love and happiness and friendship, I really like it," Frankie, Larch.

"It's so unfair that Matthew Henson did not receive a medal! Everyone is equal, no matter if you are Black or White or Asian." Hannah, Ash

"He should have gotten his medal there and then instead of waiting 100 years for it." Vinney, Ash
"Black Lives Matter. Just like Matthew Henson's life and achievements did too." Ife, Ash

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