Monday, 5 October 2020

Rebellious Romans in Year 4!

Felix (translated to Lucky in English from Latin) came in last week on Thursday and gave a wonderful workshop on the Roman Empire and soldiers.


Felix and Year 4 spoke about a lot of things, including:

  • Roman armour when going into battle
    • Gladius (sword), Scutum (shield), Tunica (tunic), Pilum (javelin)
  • How the Romans defeated the Celtic army
  • How they marched into battle
    • Sinister or sin, meaning left, and dexter, or dex, meaning right. 
  • How Boudicca reigned the Celtic army and was defeated against the Romans
  • The cities in Brittania (Britain), including Manchester, Chester, Bath, and Londinium (London) and other countries, such as Gaul (France) and Hispania (Spain), which Roman soldiers invaded.
  • Daily Life of a Roman household

The children then became gladiators fighting in the Coliseum, empresses, slaves preparing and cooking food, and also soldiers. Felix taught everyone how the Romans would chant before battle:

Senatus populusque romanus (SPQR), which translates to: the Senate and Roman people. 

"I learnt that the Romans fought in armies and one of the cites they invaded in the UK was Manchester" Jason, Ash

"My favourite part was when the girls were the Romans and the boys were the Celts and there was a massive slow motion battle!" Gurrehmat, Ash

"I was so surprised that Romans ate jelly peacock brains and elephant trunks!" Charlie, Ash

"We had so much fun with the Roman soldier! My favourite part was when my partner, Shajia, was the governor because it was really funny." Sophia, Larch

"I loved playing the governor! All I had to do was lounge around while all my slaves ran around fetching things for me - one of them had to walk backwards just because I said so, which was so funny!" Shajia, Larch

"I loved playing the governess. I got to relax and be really mean to the slaves." Kezia, Birch. 

"I loved marching with the whole class but it was really difficult to remember all the new instructions in Latin." Tyler, Birch

A big WHOOSH to all the children in Year 4 for carrying out their two pupil jobs during this workshops;
1. Doing your best in every lesson
2. Being kind and polite to everyone you meet, including Ancient Romans named Felix! 

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