Thursday, 22 October 2020

Fantastic Formations in Year 4 History!

 Last week Year 4 went outside to practise their Roman Formations. Since we were only able to see secondary sources (pictures) of these formations, the children made their own source! The children were then able to see, in real life, how and why the Roman's were so successful in battle. 


The Testudo (tortoise)                            The Orb                                        The Wedge

The children used whiteboards as their sheild (scutum), and rulers as their swords (gladius). Mrs Clements in Ash Class was holding the standard, which if taken, brings great shame on the Roman Empire. 

"It's really hard trying to keep in formation when you're walking! The Romans most definitely were well trained to do it!" Keira, Ash

"Silencium! Sin! Dex! That means...silence, left and right. Those were the commands Miss Young was saying. It's also what Roman soldiers would have heard in battle or training." Kyriq, Ash

Larch class were also very excited about making the ancient formations. Ryan, our legionnaire, led our class out to train, as we are highly-trained, very disciplined soldiers, and these auxiliaries protected our leader fearlessly. They finally formed the V-shaped formation, known as the Wedge, to attack, in a terrifying and brave way! Well done Larch class. 

"We have to protect our flag, and that's why we make the Orb and the tortoise around it,"  Victoria, Larch (the protector of the standard). 
"You have to hold your shield above your heads and at the sides to protect all over your body,"   Ella, Larch. 

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