Monday, 12 October 2020

Celebrating Mental Health Day in Year 4!

Year Four's Marvellous Mental Health Day

Year Four had a wonderful day brightening up their classrooms in their yellow outfits and accessories. Even though we were wearing yellow, everyone was in the Green Zone and learned lots about promoting positive mental health in our classrooms.
Our classes learned about the impact of negative words, about putting these thoughts and feelings behind us and about moving forward and what we can do to bring happiness and joy in our school. We discussed and reflected on our #BeKind campaign and how we are all Superheroes that can cheer up our friends, include others in our games, respect others, listen to others and so many other thoughtful acts. 
Well done year four on being such inspirational role models and having such a warm, lovely mental health day!

"I am excited to have the worry monster in class because then all the children in Ash will be able to get rid of their worries!" Louie, Ash

"I now understand how unkind words have a lasting effect on people. I'm always going to say kind words now!" Hannah, Ash

"It is important to calm my mind and leave things in the past." Kezia, Birch.

"You can cheer someone up by making them laugh or smile." Teddie, Larch.

"My superhero is holding a globe of kindness, that's her power." Jessica, Larch. 

"My superhero cheers everyone up and is wearing a mask to be kind to everyone." Frankie, Larch. 

 Great job, Year 4. It was great to see how much you all reflected on such an important day. 

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