Friday, 16 October 2020

Year 4's Celebration of Being Kind

Year 4's Celebration of Being Kind

This week in Birch class we have been celebrating ways of being kind and caring towards each other. In order to develop our understanding, we have made our own kindness logos which look amazing. Some of these logos have been displayed in our classroom to remind children about being kind and caring towards the adults and peers around them. 

"Kindness is all about being caring to family, friends and people around you." Daisy, Birch. 

"Kindness is in your soul." Kayden, Birch.

Larch class recognised the importance of self-kindness this week. We remembered and wrote down all of the reasons why we are special, what we are good at and why those around us love us so much. 
We have a range of special talents; from mime to football to being able to make others smile. We are proud when we cheer our friends up, when we make good choices and when we get certificates! 
The class also helped Ms. Delahunty to make her own with some very kind suggestions. 

I hope that we can always remember how amazing we can be!
 "I'm proud of myself when I make someone feel better," Harry. 
"I have worked hard to improve my handwriting," Adrian. 
"I am really good at skips on my trampoline," Teddie.
"I am really good  at being happy," Fiki. 
"I like helping people out," Ella. 

And so many more! I'm so proud of all of you Larch class, you are all amazing people.
- Ms. Delahunty

Ash class have had two focuses this week. The first has been how to be kind to other people who might have a worry. After Mental Health Day, we decided that a worry monster would be the perfect idea to help us release our worries. The children have been demonstrating their kindness and reciprocity to each other whenever they may have one. Well done Ash class for being so caring to one another!

"If someone has a worry, you can just write it down and the worry monster will eat it all up!" Louie, Ash

Our second focus has been on being kind towards nature. Ash class have been really inspired by Newsround lately, especially on their Wednesday special segment on the Environment. Hannah and Layla have started the Litter Squad, where they are encouraging children to pick up litter on the playground and outside of school. We have discussed that it's important to always be protected, especially during coronavirus! This means wearing gloves or picking litter up with a tissue. The children are so excited to continue their journey on being kind to the planet. 

"It's important that we do not forget about taking care of our planet" - Srinika, Ash

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