Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Cryptic Coding in Year 4!

Last week, Year 4 had their second ever computing lesson in Year 4. They learnt how to code using the platform Espresso Coding. They had to be especially reflective and resourceful because their task was broken down into mini steps. Their final project was to code popping bubbles as they moved up or down the screen.

"We had to make sure that we were telling our computer, or our code, the correct instructions. If we didn't, then our game wouldn't work!" - Richie, Ash

"We have basically made our own computer game today in coding, it has been so much fun!" Riley, Larch

Technology is integral to the 21st century, which is why it is important for Year 4 to become literate in coding and how to be problem solvers in code. The children did an exceptional job and some were demonstrating their reciprocity skills to help others. Amazing stuff, Year 4!

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