Friday, 2 October 2020

Year 3 become scientific investigators

Today the children carried out an exploring and investigating experiment in Science. The children could choose from three questions: What happens if a plant has no water, can a plant grow in the dark and if a plant has no heat will it still grow?

The children wrote up their experiment, making a prediction about what would happen to a plant if it didn't have any water. In groups or partners they set up their experiment, making sure it was a fair test.

In groups/partners they planted cress seeds into the soil, following the method they had written beforehand. Working in groups also meant that children had to show some great reciprocity!

The children will be observing the plants over the next few weeks to see if their predictions were correct. 

Zoe - "I predict that the plants with no water will not grow."

Korey - "Plants need water to survive."

Jayden - "I am interested to see how a plant will grow with no heat"

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