Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Non-Chronological Reports in Year 4

This week, the children in year 4 have started their new unit in literacy, where they will be writing their own non-chronological report before half-term.

Our topic in History is answering the question: What was life like in the Roman Army? Therefore, the children will applying all of their historical knowledge to write their own report on the Roman Army.

Today, the children have explored the different features of a non-chronological report and looked at a range of different examples, some of which needed improving. They noticed that it is important to remain factual throughout the report and that subtitles can be used to separate information to make it clearer for the reader.

At first I was unsure if other people’s opinions were facts, like Historians or Scientists. But now I think...if they are reliable sources, and have done lots of good research, then it is a fact.” Vinney, Ash

"I know that it is a fact because it just gives information and it is true." Amy, Larch

"I know it is an opinion because the sentence will say I think, I believe or in my opinion." Mia, Birch. 

Already, the children seem to be fully engaged in our non-fiction unit and we cannot wait to read all of their reports at the end! 

If you would like to find out more information on what a non-chronological report is, or how you can support your child at home please click here for an informative video.


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