Thursday, 22 October 2020

Year 4's Pop Art Pop Up Arena!

Year 4's Pop Art Pop Up Arena!

The children in year 4 have had such fun creating their own Roman Pop Art Monuments in their art lesson. They studied two different monuments which are the Colosseum and the Roman Temple. 

It was great to see the children working so well together once again and they were all able to develop their artistic techniques and create modern art. Children had the opportunity to design their monuments with bright, popping colours and build their own pop-up arena. Well done year 4!

"This is really cool. It is like creating a modern Rome." Tyler, Birch.

"I love how it stands out when it pops and it makes it look real," Jessica, Larch. 

"I really like the contrast between all the different colours. It's so different to ancient Rome!" Ife, Ash

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