Monday, 5 October 2020

Year 4: TT Rockstars - Battle of the Bands

Congratulations to Ash class, who were last week's winners in the Battle of the Bands! Excellent work to the top three contributors in each class, too! Congratulations to: Livi, Dhriti and Iyinope in Ash class, Annabelle, Caden and Adrian in Larch class and Iniya, Ethan and Aisling in Birch class. 

This week's Battle of the Bands will start this afternoon and end on Wednesday evening.

In order for a class to be crowned champions, the children need to log in to their TT Rockstars account at home and play to earn as many coins as possible.

They can play as normal in Garage Mode to collect coins for their class. 

The more coins they earn, the higher the chance that their class will win! 

We will announce the winners on Friday, along with the top three scorers from each class

Good luck year 4! 

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